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bitcoinker - up to 500 satoshi every 15 minutes


You can either collect a guaranteed 266 satoshi or try your luck to win 100, 200 or 500 satoshi (equal chance of each)

Bitcoin Zebra - up to 1000 satoshi every hour


Bitcoin Zebra is a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 1000 satoshi every hour.

Zebra Multiplier – The Zebra Multiplier is very simple – all you have to do is decide how many dice to roll and hope they all come up with SIX…

Moon Bitcoin – YOU decide how often to claim!


Moon Bitcoin is a bitcoin faucet with a difference…YOU decide how often to claim! Whereas most faucets only allow you to claim once per hour or once per day, we allow you to claim as often or as little as you like*

(* minimum 5 minutes between claims per account/IP address)

coingamez (Spin And Win) – up to 500,000 satoshi


Spin And Win up to 500,000 satoshi. Win free bitcoin every fifteen minutes. LIMITED TIME 50% LifeTime Referral Program!

BTC25 - you can win up to $25


At BTC25 you can win up to $25 in bitcoin every twenty five minutes. Refer and get 10% for each time your referrals play! we lock that in forever!

dailyfreebits - 100 – 1200 Satoshi every time


Win 100 – 1200 Satoshi every time. Instant payments via as soon as you reach cashout threshold of just 3500 satoshis. Refer and Earn 25% of referral’s earnings forever! - up to $200 in free Bitcoins

Win upto $200 in free Bitcoins every hour – Play a HI-LO multiplier game to multiply your free Bitcoins up to 100x

coincheckin (luckycheckin) – checkin every 5 minutes


You receive Bitcoins corresponding to matched parts of time. Example: If your checkin time is 17:23:58 and your lucky time 17:23:58 you receive 100000 satoshi. You can checkin every 5 minutes. The more you checkin – the more you receive!

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landofbitcoin - 100% referral commissions


Share a single link and earn 100% of the referral commission on 126+ sites!

Referral program:

1) 20% referral commission on the Land of Bitcoin faucet
2) 100% of the referral commission on all supported Microfaucets (60+ faucets)
3) 100% of the referral commission on, BTC Clicks,, Bitcoin Zebra and all other supported sites (60+ sites)

SuccessQUIK – How Will You Get Paid?

SuccessQUIK: How Will You Get Paid? 

The SuccessQUIK Compensation Plan is a Ten Step Income Staircase. A Powerful, Simple, Leveraged Compensation Plan!

Purchase Once, Earn Forever!

It’s Just $10 To Start! A One Time Ten Dollar Payment Lets You Purchase Once, Earn Forever! This Simple System is Designed to Instantly put Commissions into Your Hands.

Triple Your Income To Infinity

Climb The Income Staircase! – “Image courtesy of”

We have made Substantial Improvements to the SuccessQUIK Compensation Plan:

* Purchase Advertising Packages of $10 to $5,000.
* One Time Lifetime Purchase – Purchase Once, Earn Forever!
* Instant Member To Member Commission Payments.
* Just Two Sales needed at Each Step on the Income Staircase to Move to the Next Level.
* Earn 100% Commissions on All Advertising Packages on All Ten Steps. (small annual fee on each level)
* Continuous Earnings on ALL Purchased Levels.
* Future Potential to Earn $10,000 from Each and Every Referral!

The SuccessQUIK: Compensation Model

Click Here for a Simplified Comp Plan Summary.

Modified Reverse Three Up

The Key to understanding the SuccessQUIK Compensation Model is to Just Remember that you Get Paid Instantly on your First Two Direct Referral Sales. This provides you with the Opportunity to Earn “Triple Your Income to Infinity” on Each of The Ten Steps on the Income Staircase.

You Keep Your 1st 2 Sales!Triple Your Income to Infinity!

Sounds Great! But how exactly does that work?

You Receive an Instant Commission Payment (Make A Sale) – The Person making that Purchase will eventually Generate Three More Payments for YOU – Via Their Sales in the Compensation Plan.

Why? Because Everybody “Passes Up” their 3rd, 5th and 7th Instant Commission Payments!

This applies for Every Sale you make on Each and Every Step on the SuccessQUIK Income Staircase!

Triple Your Income to Infinity!Ten Steps To $10,000!

And there’s More… It’s even Possible to Earn $10,000 from Each and Every Referral!

Don’t believe me?
Do the maths then go here to Start Earning Triple Your Income To Infinity!

10 Steps To $10,000!

QUIK About Me

QUIK About Me
Brand Yourself Online In 30 Minutes Or Less!

QUIKAboutMe Banner Logo Brand yourself in as little as 30 minutes – “Image courtesy of”

Personal Branding online is Extremely Important – You have heard the old adage: People Don’t Buy Programs, People Buy People. Well, it’s true! Give yourself massive exposure and Brand Yourself. Branding promotes You and Your Business in a positive light while generating for you more leads and sales.

Personal Branding

QUIKAboutMe is a Personal Branding Page. A new program owned by The 7K Team System – The World’s First Community Build System. QAM is also a part of the QUIK family of programs.

As the name suggests this is an About Me page. You can create your own, personalized “About Me” page. If you can fill out a simple form, you can have your page up and running in minutes. QUIK About Me is priced affordably at $4.99/month to the Public. It is Provided at No Cost to Our Gold Members of The 7K Team System. Another great new Added Value Feature! This will also benefit Everybody in The Community.

QUIK About Me

No System has created a Simpler “About Me” Page for the Non-Techie Marketer – Until Now! This is excellent news for those of us who are technically challenged or just don’t have a lot of time. Perfect if you don’t have much knowledge of blogs or building web pages. If your tech skills don’t extend much beyond the copy/paste level then this is definitely for you.

5 Simple Steps

There are only 5 Quick and Easy Steps to building your page. Just fill in the blanks. You can Add as Little or as Much Information as you choose. There are 20 Styles to choose from with Many More coming soon. No need to Pick One and Stick With It. Use One Or Use Them All!

Curiosity Is King!

There is no referral program included but, if you are a Gold Member at T7KTS, you can earn commissions by promoting your special QAM page. People will be curious to learn more about this! Powered by The 7KTS – a Unique Information Page is linked from your QUIK About Me site. This is designed to help you Build Your 7K Business while Generating More Referral Commissions.   

Any Business, Anywhere

Anyone with Any Business around the World Can Use QUIKAboutMe. Everybody needs an About Me Page. Get Massive viral growth potential for your 7K Team System Business… Plus! Create Growth in Your TOAN (The Online Ad Network) and TrafficWave Down lines.

Try QUIK About Me for a full week! Start branding yourself in as little as 30 minutes. Or,  join The 7K Team System and Gain Substantial Added Benefits! Upgrading to Gold at The 7K Team System is very inexpensive. You will receive Great Value for One Low Price.

SuccessQUIK – Leading The Bitcoin Revolution

SuccessQUIK: Leading The Bitcoin Revolution!

BitCoin Logo With US DollarThe Bitcoin-MLM Payment Revolution! – “By Web-dev-chris (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons”

Why SuccessQUIK is Leading the Bitcoin-MLM Payment Revolution!

With the Full Public Launch in early December SuccessQUIK will be the Highest Profile Company in the Industry accepting Bitcoin. We are helping Our Team to understand how to use the cryptocurrency. By being the first to market this virtual currency we will all have a great chance to benefit.

Our Instant Pay Feature will Quikly put Bitcoin in the Hands of Hundreds and Thousands of Biz Op Seekers. This will lead to a ripple effect with more and more affiliates introducing the digital currency to their program owners. The more programs that are using Bitcoin will mean Greater Liquidity and Ease of Use.

The Bitcoin-MLM Payment Revolution!

An Extensive Network of Contacts puts SuccessQUIK in a unique and interesting position to Provide Informal Consulting. People are going to be contacting us wanting to know How to Implement the currency of the Internet: into Their Program.

This will mean SuccessQUIK are going to be Leading the Bitcoin Revolution.

Click here for a Powerful Presentation.

Virtuous Circle!

As people talk to us they will naturally want to learn more about our program. Which in turn will bring more people into SuccessQUIK. This will become a Virtuous Circle!

Over time we want to Help Hundreds of Thousands of Network Marketers more effectively earn online. Bitcoin: The first truly global currency,  is the opportunity that will enable them to do just that. This Puts You in a Unique Position. Take full advantage of this Incredible Opportunity for People the World Over to Earn (Rather than Buy) Bitcoins.

This is Generational Wealth Impact Potential!

Just how much Potential?

Check out this Recent CNBC Interview by the Winklevoss Twins, part of Facebook Founding Group – Price Potential – 50x Current Pricing – or $35,000 Per Bitcoin!

SuccessQUIK is Coming!

From the owners of The 7K Team System: Clinton Clark and Margaret Albright: Presenting:

SuccessQUIK - The Re-Launch!Climb the Income Staircase!
SuccessQUIK is Coming!

If you are serious about marketing your business and would like to Triple Your Income To Infinity – You will surely be rushing to become a member of SuccessQUIK by the time you finish reading this.

The 7K Team System and SuccessQUIK - The Perpetual Income Machine!

Pre-Launch Building and Positioning is only available through The 7K Team System Community. Secure Your Position now before the scheduled Re-Launch!

SuccessQUIK is an innovative “Safe Advertising” and Income Platform. Members can advertise their businesses through Powerful Advertising Packages in a SafeAdZone. No HYIP’s, Illegal revenue share programs, cash gifting, or money games here!

Clint and Margaret provide top-notch support, including webinars, training, and regular recorded member updates.

Triple Your Income To Infinity!

SuccessQUIK is a Ten Step Income Staircase advertising platform; Each Step is a One Time Lifetime Purchase and Pays Commissions Instantly member to member. No Waiting for Payouts! No Requesting Commissions!

Click Here to listen to a full presentation describing the SuccessQUIK business model:

Triple Your Income To Infininty!

Climb The Income Staircase! – “Image courtesy of”

Purchase Once, Earn Forever! Earn leveraged Instant Pay Commissions, that allow you to Triple Your Income To Infinity… With Just One Sale!

The first two Sales – 100% Commissions paid to YOU on Each Step. Purchase Once, Earn Forever on Each Step of the Income Staircase. Just Two Sales on Each Step earn you enough to Purchase up to the Next Step. Triple Your Income To Infinity on Each Step!

SuccessQUIK has also introduced a New Payment Solutions System! Nobody Else has anything like it. This is an Absolute Revolution in the Industry!

The Safe AdZone

Get protected from programs that drain your bank account and are harmful to the advertising community. Get a better quality, higher class and more serious audience to advertise to… Your Ads will Get Much Better Results!

You can rest assured that your ads will get results in the “Safe AdZone.”

Ten Steps To $10,000!

Lifetime Earning Potential to Infinity Width and Depth from just a One Time $10 investment! Earn as much as $10,000 from Each Sale!

Get Started with just One $10 Ad Purchase and Start Generating up to $10,000 in Lifetime Earnings from Each of Your Referrals! SuccessQUIK will be a Core Program in The 7K Team System. 7K Team System Members Get to Join Before the General Public. Get Positioned Now and Build Your Team BEFORE Launch!

The 7K Team System – The Perpetual Income Machine!

Vivian Babcock - Proud member of The 7K Team System

Vivian Babcock

The 7K Team System – The Perpetual Income Machine!

How does The Perpetual Income Machine work?

To answer that let’s first take a look at the definition of perpetual motion. According to

“perpetual motion- noun: mechanics- the motion of a theoretical mechanism that, without any losses due to friction or other forms of dissipation of energy, would continue to operate indefinitely at the same rate without any external energy being applied to it.”

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, “Perpetual motion is just a theory, how can The 7K Team System’s Perpetual Income Machine work if perpetual motion is only based on a theory?”

I’ll tell you how. When you join The 7K Team System you get three other people to join you, each of those three people bring in three more people, and so on… building a huge downline!

Business Growth

Enrolling others into your business = Business Growth, the more people you have in your downline creates residual income (income that comes in over and over again for work you performed weeks, months and even years ago.)

The Perpetual Income Machine

The Perpetual Income Machine feeds on growth and success, faster and faster and faster!

The 7K Team System - The Perpetual Income MachineBusiness Growth = Residual Income = Funded Team Advertising =
More Growth = More Income = More Advertising… This Will Never End!

With The 7K Team System all you need to do is bring in Just One Paid Member. Then, our Leaders Funded Ad Co-Op pre-funded Team Advertising kicks in = more business growth for you.

More business growth = more income and more advertising, which never end. Hence, the perpetual motion for your business. Don’t forget that your downline is also still advertising and growing their business, and this also continues to add to your own income.

Now let us sum this all up. You have brought in your three members with at least one of those being a paid member, now you are building a downline and qualify for Team Advertising that builds even more business growth and earns even more residual income.

The advertising for your business never, ever stops because you are building using The 7K Team System’s Perpetual Income Machine.

Live Presentation Updates

The 7K Team System - $400 QUIK Cash FridaysThe 7K Team System – Live Presentation Updates

Click Here for the latest recording.

Check The 7K Team System Forum for :  Presentation and Meetings Schedule

Check back frequently for the most recent Live Opportunity/Outline Presentations.

NEW: Tag Team Tuesday –  Back to Back TOAN and 7KTeamSystem Presentations by Brian Rooney (Owner of TOAN) and Clint (7KTeamSystem) Brian’s TOAN Webinar

Learn more about The 7K Team System»

$400 QUIK Cash Fridays

The Community Build Income BURST$400 QUIK Cash Fridays
The Community Build Income BURST

Starting Today! – Jump Start Your Wealth Building and Explode Your Downline Momentum!

$400 QUIK Cash Fridays are here! Tell Your Team. Invite Your Friends. Invite Your Contacts… Invite Everyone You Know!

Never been done before. This is Unique! It’s going to be Fun AND Profitable!

$400 QUIK Cash Fridays are very simple:

Four Back to Back to Back to Back Presentations

Tell Your Team. Invite Your Friends. Invite Your Contacts… Invite Everyone You Know!

Help You Fill Down Four of the Seven Levels in ONE DAY Not Four Weeks

Simple Duplication – Imagine the Income EXPLOSION that You Could Get!

Friday, March 22nd – $400 QUIK Cash Friday!
11:00 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time – 1st Fast Start Friday Presentation
1:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time – 2nd Fast Start Friday Presentation
3:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time – 3rd Fast Start Friday Presentation
5:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time – 4th Fast Start Friday Presentation

To attend, please log-in to the conference room using the following:

Username: yourfirstname-yourlastname-Sponsor’sName (If Known)
Password: multiplestreams

Click Here to Login to Conference Room

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Make a New Friend with The 7K Team System

The 7K Team System - Make a New Friend

Make a New Friend with The 7K Team System

“Make Money by Making Friends” is our Team Philosophy

Our team is hosting Friendly Live Presentations to show you how we can work with you to help you generate 7K in 7 Weeks (or sooner!)

Our team is unique in that we are tired of the scams, promises and lies that are rampant online.

“Make Money by Making Friends” is our Team Philosophy and, to be honest it’s working and is a lot of fun.

We would like to invite you to join us to find out all the details, and, at the very least, Make a
New Friend!

Make a New Friend with The 7K Team System

The Launch Day Live Presentation!

The 7K Team System - The World's First Community Build!The Worlds First Community Build System

You Can Earn from the Comfort of Your Own Home. All it Takes is a Bit of Determination and Discipline – And It Can Be Fun

Build Your Main Business in Our Community – Or Make Our System Your Main Program!

 We Want to Help You Earn $7,000Maybe in as Little as 7 Weeks!  – How Would That Affect Your Life?

Build Massive Advertising for Your Marketing Needs – Create Fun, Powerful Residual Income, Too!

Get Positioned NOW to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever!

 The 7K Team System… The Launch Day Live Presentation